The calendar mechanism on watches is one of the most popular features of the watch because of its much-needed function. When you use a watch with a calendar feature, to find out today’s date, all you have to do is take a little glance at your wrist.

However, the calendar on the watch has a wide variety of mechanisms, from the simplest one to the most complex one. Below, we have five most common calendar mechanisms in today’s market.

Simple Calendar

Calendar Mechanism on Watches

The first one is the simple calendar, as the name implies, this is the simplest calendar mechanism and most often we can see it on a mechanical watch. Usually the date window is located at the 3 o’clock position and inside there is a circular date disk with 1 to 31 numbers which will change every day.

However, this simple calendar moves without a mechanism that can make a difference to the months that only have 30 days. So you have to reset after going through February, April, June, September and November.

Complete Calendar

Calendar Mechanism on Watches

The complete calendar or also known as the triple calendar is the same as the simple calendar where you need to rearrange it 5 times a year. The difference is, the complete calendar has a more complete display. Apart from displaying the date, there are also months and days. In addition, usually a complete calendar also comes with a moon phase display.

Annual Calendar


The annual calendar is a mechanism for indicating the date on a watch that has ‘mechanical memory’. So, this mechanism can distinguish which month has 30 or 31 days. So, you only need to set it once a year in March, because February only has 28 days.

So this will make it easier for you, no need to adjust it 5 times a year.

Perpetual Calendar

Calendar Mechanism on Watches

From the list above, this is the best calendar mechanism. A watch with a perpetual calendar mechanism is able to tell which month has only 30 days and it can even tell when February is a leap year. So, you no longer need to set the date from this watch, unless your watch runs out of power.