A Fusion of Talents: Exclusive Interview with Hublot Ambassador, Richard Orlinski

by The Time Place Magazine

Earlier this year, Hublot launched its newest Classic Fusion Chronograph Orlinski at Watches and Wonders Geneva 2023. At first glance, some will be drawn to the facets created by the signature folds and the iconic angular architecture of the internationally renowned French contemporary artist Richard Orlinski. On this note, the Nyon-based watch manufacturer’s latest collaboration with Orlinski in creating this timepiece transcends traditional watchmaking, elevating timekeeping to wearable art.

The Classic Fusion Chronograph Orlinski Full Titanium is crafted from lightweight but robust titanium and presents a distinctive faceted case, reflecting Orlinski’s signature sculptural aesthetic, as the name suggests. With painstaking attention to detail, the designed facets remarkably catch the light from every angle, creating a mesmerising play of reflections and shadows that fascinate the eye.

During Watches Wonders 2023 Richard Orlinski visited Hublots booth and was welcomed by Hublot CEO Richard Guadalupe
During Watches Wonders 2023 Richard Orlinski visited Hublots booth and was welcomed by Hublot CEO Richard Guadalupe

Of particular highlight, the bezel’s striking dodecagonal shape—the signature mark of Hublot’s collaboration with Richard Orlinski since 2017—transforms into a polygon. Another great technical feat in this new creation is that the micro-blasted titanium gives the facets a matt finish for added elegance. Meanwhile, the titanium also extends its three-dimensional silhouette along the entire watch.

Ultimately, this marvellous timepiece is another example of the Swiss brand’s dedication to pushing the limits of design and creativity. It is driven by the HUB1153 automatic chronograph movement beneath the sculptural strokes for the final touch, and it creates an enduring impact by impressively fusing the rebellious sophistication of modern art with the marvels of horology.

At this year’s Watches and Wonders Geneva, The Time Place Magazine sat down with the man who has been part of Hublot since 2017 and discussed the latest Classic Fusion Chronograph Orlinski, future developments, and many more.

Congratulations on the latest Classic Fusion Chronograph Orlinski. What can you share with us about the development of this watch?

I can say less is more. And this development intends to find and develop a straightforward watch that everybody can put on his or her wrist. And also simple, and elegant, with the finishing and the bracelet. So it’s something really simple but really with class, iconic, and you can already notice the Hublot and Orlinski in the appearance.

What was the development time of this particular model? 

To be honest, because we are developing many models and always developing, my team and the Hublot team work together daily. So, it’s not like just once a year. Even while we’re talking right now, we are working on other projects. So, we work for long periods and always work on development.

Richard Orlinski at the Hublot booth at Watches and Wonders 2023
Richard Orlinski at the Hublot booth at Watches and Wonders 2023

Speaking about other projects, is there anything you can reveal about future developments, or what you’re currently working on? 

I think this design we have created can last so many years. I think we don’t need to make something very different with this creation because you can stay with this kind of design. If something works, you have to stay with that. And I don’t think this design will be obsolete because this has very strong DNA, very close to the two brands, of the two companies.

How are you challenged by this project?

As an artist, you obviously want the challenge to be the product. The challenge will be to make that evolution and not to make it exactly the same. It’s more difficult to change a little bit than to change all. If you want to change something, like putting a square and then making it round, it’s easy. But to have the same shape and to make an evolution, this is a challenge. So it needs to be an organic process also.

Hublot is very well known for its innovation of materials. Is this an area that you also might be exploring?

Yes, of course. We work on many materials and new technology. Simply put, we work with many different things, and we love to discover many other things that we can improve, and to put it all in art is very nice.


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