SOONOW The Perfect Combination Between Art & Science

Mexico has chosen as HYT inspiration for their latest avant-garde timepieces collection named SOONOW. The five strong series will premiere at three exhibitions, The EMWA Fest, Berger Fest, and SIAR as the Mexican people prepare to celebrate the human cycle on the day of the dead this November. These watch design highly inspired by the tradition of creating multi-coloured sugar skulls that featured on the dial, there is also red, green, and white colour which is the colour of Mexico’s flag, presenting their own visual anthem.

SOONOW is the meticulous mathematical calculation meets a multi-dimensional depiction of the human skull, the perfect combination between art and science. 313 5N 18-karat rose gold pins make up the three-dimensional symbol of life’s cycle on a titanium dial. 937 perforations punctuating the monochromatic canvas on the dial of this Mexican-inspired watch. Mathematics and esthetics emerge to telling time on this watch, spelling out the numbers of each hour via precision drilling, with the exact centre of each word facilitating timing accuracy. 

This watch coming with a stainless steel case in 48.8 mm in diameter that coated with black DLC and satin finishes. While the dial is made of titanium with black DLC coating, topped with 313 5N gold pins skull. C7 super-luminova rail under the capillary, outlined around the eye, nose, and mouth openings. Seconds indicator disc (left eye) featured with “Soon” and “Now” pattern and power reserve indicator on the right eye. 

Powered by exclusive calibre 28,800 VPH mechanical with manual winding movement, this watch coming with 65 hour power reserve. The back case available with black DLC coating domed sapphire crystal, engraved HYT logo and hour indication, screwed case-back also coming with “One of Five” decal. The watch also coming with red fluidic hours and 50 meters of water-resistant functions. 

The patented fluidic module works in perfect harmony with an exclusive mechanical movement. The multi-layers below inject energy to the system to initiate the representation of time’s transience via two contrasting liquids. The skull-shaped capillary in this watch coming with eye-catching semi-translucent and green polymer teeth. The skull eye will turn red when its energy bank is empty, providing a twist on the concept of the real red-eye. 

This timepiece, featured with a mechanism that capable of defying gravity, it’s so authentic in its love of individuality. On the design, SOONOW is committed to use three-dimensionality and provoking detail to the new perspectives to the watchmaking and time telling. HYT determined to bring the comfort on the wrist that merges domed shaping, smooth lines, and a transparent structure. 

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