Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Celestial inspired by the beauty of the Aurora Borealis

The night skies are eternally fascinating for the Jaeger-LeCoultre Manufacture, in addition to their magnetic beauty, they are also holding the key to mankind’s ability to measure time. The movements of the stars and phases of the moon are determined our days, nights, and season, so the watchmaker rejoice the challenge to capture the vastness of the cosmos within the tiny dimensions of a wristwatch with their new Jaeger-LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Celestial.

The new Rendez-Vous Celestial watches is inspired by The Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis. Named after the Ancient Roman goddess of the dawn, and visible only on the darkest nights near the Arctic Circle, this awe-inspiring phenomenon has fascinated mankind since the beginning of time. The most enigmatic stuff from all around the cosmos. 

Coming with two models, this new Rendez-Vous Celestial pays homage to this otherworldly spectacle, capturing the vivid greens, purples, pinks and blues that stream and dance across the sky. 

Back in 2012 when Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced the Rendez-Vous for the first time, that was a rare example of a high-complication watch for women. But, since then, this visually entrancing and mechanically sophisticated has been reinterpreted several times with different kinds of materials. Multi-coloured sapphires and mother-of-pearl take the centre stage of this watches, featuring gem and also hand-painting. 

For the new ‘Northern Lights’ edition, the dial is hand-painted with swirls of colour that reproduce the ethereal patterns of the Aurora Borealis – flowing seamlessly from the upper to lower dials. A signature of the Rendez-Vous collection, curvy Floral numerals hanging on the upper section. Shades of green and turquoise intensified by the glowing mother-of-pearl beneath the purples or blues models, and as the sky disc turns, the pattern of the background colours gently shifts, in a subtle echo of the dancing movement of the aurora. 

The bezel echoed this watch dial rich tones, which is set with a dazzling colour of 64 baguette-cut sapphires. To complete it all, a matching alligator strap available in turquoise or violet completes these rare timepieces that offered in a limited edition of 18 pieces for each model. 

This cosmic watches powered by a self-winding movement Jaeger-LeCoultre Calibre 809/1 that created especially for the Rendez-Vous Celestial. This movement also incorporates a calendar mechanism to rotate the celestial disc in cadence with the changing beautiful night sky. To reveal their artistry, there is transparent sapphire case-back, so you can see the pretty finishing and decoration of the movement that includes blue screws, Côtes de Genève, circular graining, and the pink gold signature winding rotor. 

This watches is a perfect combination of the precision and technical skills of La Grande Maison’s finest watchmakers with their artistic skill that inspired by the beauty of the night sky. 

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