The New HYT H5 Coming With Liquid Technology Updates

After developing it for over three years, HYT watches has just unveiled their latest timepiece dubbed H5. This new model coming with HYT’s patented micro-fluidic module with some updates to tell time. The master watchmakers, Eric Coudray was involved for the liquid technology updates on this watch.

Time is always moving forward like the water, so is the new HYT H5. Taking the narrative of time, their microfluidic module is now coming with neoralite hour ring and 9c SuperLumiNova. You can read time in multiple positions with its three-dimensional sapphire crystal that inspired by fluidic erosion. 

This watch also features the new HYT calibre 501 that coming with an ingeniously designed Cam at the heart of the hand-wound to make the fluidic passage of time more precise and accurate. There are thirteen different possibilities to adjust and index the hour and minute indications on this watch. You can see it through the case back. Operates at a frequency of 4Hz, this movement also offers 65 hours power reserve. 

Just like their latest collection, the new HYT H5 features the transparent and quirky design ethos. Lugless design case measures 48.8 mm covered with massive sapphire crystal dominating the entire face. Bold numerals are visible on the side that will be glowing brightly in low light situations and also make a bold statement in the day time.  

HYT kind of layout that includes a 60 minute counter at 12 o’clock, twin bellow at the bottom, power indicator at 3 o’clock, and a seconds counter at 9 still features in these new models. The 12 hours markings on the outer dial come with nice attention to detail, so it would make it easy to read the liquid-filled capillaries that surround this super technological watch. 

The HYT H5 timepiece shapes our perception of time, helps us to value what was, what is, and what may be by showcasing how the time flow. Layer by layer, element by element, the essence and relevance of time are revealed. Time and innovation are always on the move through anything, just like the liquid-filled capillaries on this watch. 

This new watch from HYT available with two models, they both have green on the colour palette and opt for either black or grey. Each model comes with limited quantities each for 25 pieces. 

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