The Perpetual Calendar Timepiece from IWC

Back in early 1980, Kurt Klaus (IWC’s head watch-maker) developed a mechanical program for a wristwatch to translate the Gregorian calendar. After 5 years, the perpetual calendar was debuted on the Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar 1985, composed with 80 parts and features date, day, month, year in four digits, and the moon phase display.

Its sophisticated mechanical program automatically recognises the different time of the month and adds a leap day at the end of February every four years. This is the most complex type of calendar feature that exists on a timepiece, making it a bit expensive and rare. So, there is no need to correct the date display until 2100, when the leap year will be ignored. 

IWC Portugieser collection comes with the most complicated complication that invented by Kurt Klaus in early 1980, perpetual calendar. This complication is the flagship of Portugieser collection. Brief and clever, you can set entirely the perpetual calendar mechanism via the crown. There is no button or pushers needed to set up your perpetual calendar. With four digit year display, it will be easier for you to read the time. 

The slate coloured dial features perpetual calendar with displays for the date, day, month, year in four digits and perpetual moon phase for the northern and southern hemisphere. In each lunar month, the moon’s orbit as displayed on the watch deviates by about 12 seconds. Thanks to its ingenious design, the double moon phase only needs to be adjusted by 1 day every 577 years. 

This watch powered by in-house IWC-manufactured automatic movement that composed of 386 components and beating on 4.0 Hz, it’s still fundamentally the mechanism invented in 1985. The calibre 52000 movement that has two mainsprings, deliver more power with its seven-day power reserve and drive energy-sapping complications like the annual calendar and perpetual calendar. 

Meanwhile, the 44.2 mm case available in a gold case and see-through sapphire crystal on the back. You can see the decorated movement that including 18k red gold rotor, and the most screws are heat blued. An upgraded domed sapphire crystal on the front approximates the vintage looks on this new Portugieser watch. 

Comes with the most sophisticated complication by their own watchmaking legend, Kurt Klaus, the perpetual module on this watch was simplified. So, it’s easier for you to set and read the perpetual calendar display on the dial. Meanwhile, the black alligator leather strap by Santoni Strap width 22 mm offer you some comfortable yet classy watch. 

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