What is an In-House Movement

When you are reading a review or seeing the specifications of the watch you want to buy on The Time Place, the words "in-house movement" often appears. Usually this appears on the article reviews or specifications of luxury watches. Then, do you already know what in-house movement is?

A timepiece has in-house movement when all the components in the movement are made by the brand, including the screws, jewels, hairsprings, and many more. Then the brand will create a movement with its own design from sketching to assembly and decoration. So, an in-house movement is something that is rare and not mass-produced by a factory.

To make an in-house movement, special skills are needed which include technical and creative aspects. Only a few brands are able to have both of these, and also require high material and lots of time consumed to get things done.

The watch industry in Switzerland has become an ecosystem, where each specialist works in a symbiotic mutualism, which works together based on trust and respect. Therefore, brands such as Audemars Piguet and Rolex make their own calibre, but still use the base movement from other brands, such as Jaeger-Lecoultre, Zenith, and Piaget, depending on the purpose and function of the watch that they make.

So, is the in-house movement better than the mass-produced movement? This goes back to how an in-house movement is made, the development, construction, finishing, and how the movement can provide optimal performance.

Some of the watch collectors would prefer to invest their money in a watch that comes with an in-house movement. This is because the in-house movement has more artistic value. Something that is more exclusive because it is not mass-made, so it has more value to have.

In-house movements are very interesting because they certainly come with construction and decoration that are more complicated when compared to mass-produced movements. For those who like something unique, the watch with in-house movement is the perfect pick for you to have and collect.

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