Hublot Big Bang e Unite The Advanced Technical Materials with Wear OS

In 2018, Hublot debuted its first connected version of the Big Bang named Big Bang Referee 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ to mark the 2018 FIFA Football World Cup in Russia. Equipped with the latest technological developments then available for wearable technology, this formidable tool was used both by referees on the pitch and by football fans, as a virtual stadium so they could join in with the competition.

Two years later, Hublot returns with a new model: the Big Bang e, a connected watch equipped with the latest technology that adopts all the iconic Big Bang codes. This watch fits in perfectly with Hublot’s watchmaking tradition that is full of sophisticated and advanced technology.

The 42 mm case available in black ceramic or titanium cut material with a "sandwich" construction, an innovative style invented by Hublot in 2005. This watch has an AMOLED high definition touchscreen and metallised hour numeral that is covered with the scratch-proof sapphire crystal.

Transferring their traditional expertise into this new digital timepiece, the Big Bang e features exclusive interpretations of traditional watch complications, such as a Perpetual Calendar with an immaculately precise moon phase or a second GMT time zone that have been revisited and enhanced to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the digital world.

Extremely complex, this watch comprises 42 components, 27 of which are for the K Module alone, the cage that houses the digital heart of the watch. Powered with Wear OS by Google™, the Big Bang e enables customisation to the smartwatch experience.

The wearer can access apps on Google Play, get answers on the go with Google Assistant and make fast simple payments with Google Pay.  For a more personal experience, easily swipe to helpful information and stay up to date with notifications and messages.

The watch app is compatible with Android 6.0+ above and iOS 12.0+ above. In addition, despite this watch built-in technology, Hublot guarantees the watch is water-resistant to a depth of 30 meters.

Available as soon as the Big Bang e is released, the first edition is part of the #HublotLovesArt movement: a series of eight dials stemming from the imagination of storytelling artist Marc Ferrero. Every three hours, the dial changes colour, meaning eight creations are displayed in sequence over a 24-hour period.

Each of these is based on a specific colour: Happy Yellow, Magic Blue, Orange Dynamite, All White, Lucky Green, Magic Red, Rainbow Spirit and Black Magic. And that is not all. Every full hour is marked with the appearance of an animation that lasts five seconds. A very #HublotLovesArt way of adding a touch of colour and rhythm to different moments throughout the day.

This watch will be sold online on the brand's website, and also will be available at The Time Place boutiques very soon.

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