Naufal Abshar
“Time is the key to everything. It is precious.”

Young and talented artist Naufal Abshar is known for his artworks called the “HAHA Series”, which speak about the roots and boundaries of humour and laughter. His determination has led him to some great achievements. He won the first prize in the Indonesia Arts Festival Live Painting Competition in 2003 and participated in various group exhibitions in Jakarta, Singapore, Jogjakarta, Venice, Lithuania and Spain.

On a daily basis, Naufal works in his studio from 9am-9pm. His profession as an artist brings him joy and happiness as he has plenty of alone time, “I spend most of my time to work or just develop my creativity. But sometimes, I also hang out with my friends or family.” One sweet example is that he spends one or two hours to have lunch with his mother.

Naufal considers his family his number one support system. It’s his second priority after his personal relationship with God, the entity that brings out the best in him. Therefore, he appreciates every single minute spent with his loved ones. “Time is the key to everything. It is precious. Appreciate and use it wisely, and we can become unstoppable!”

It is important for anyone, especially artists, to sometimes distance themselves from their daily routine to clear their minds, and Naufal is no exception. His particular way to do this is by travelling solo. “That’s my perfect moment to dream, brainstorm and focus my mind on my vision and mission in life. And oh, music is a great companion when travelling,” he said. Naufal Abshar wears Corum Admiral Legend 42 Chronograph.

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