Ben Soebiakto
“For me, everything is about prioritising.”

Ben Soebiakto has plenty on his plate. He embraces his role as founder and managing partner at Benson Capital where he currently manages seven different F&B businesses with more than 18 outlets. He is also involved in more creative pursuits, and recently invested in a Mira Lesmana and Joko Anwar movie. “Apart from those things, I still have time to manage and lead my annual idealist project, Ideafest,” he said confidently.

As a business leader, Ben understands that time is indeed a precious commodity one can never get back. He must be able to manage it well and turn it into a valuable experience. “For me, everything is about prioritising. I manage more than three to four businesses, but I can also manage to have breakfast and dinner with my wife,” said the newlywed.

Ben claims that he is an extrovert type of person who spends his free time with his friends. “I get more energy by sharing joy and happiness. I love inviting friends to come to my house. We can chit-chat or simply play games together.” Doing business never tires him out. But he also sees the importance of getting away for short periods of time. For this very reason, he chooses to travel with his loved one. “But I need to admit that my best moments are when I make business deals. Those are my happiest moments.” Ben Soebiakto wears Santos de Cartier.

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