Right now everyone is dreaming about when the pandemic will end so we can go on holiday. Of course everyone has a list of the places to go when things go back to normal again. Maybe right now is the good time to prepare your holiday’s accessories that you will  wear on vacation, one of the most important holiday accessories is a watch.

There are several things that you need to consider when choosing the right watch for your vacation.

Shape and Size

The first thing to consider is the size and shape of the watch. During the holidays, you definitely will do a lot of outdoor activity, so, it’s better if you use a little or medium watch size with a  comfortable shape on your wrist.

Watches with large case sizes generally have a fairly heavy load, and this should be avoided so your watch will not bother you to have fun in all activities while on vacation.


The types of strap materials that are suitable for you to wear on vacation are rubber and textiles. Rubber is ideal for the tropics and is also suitable for any around-the-water activity, while the NATO strap is very secure to keep your watch safe and easy to clean.

Avoid wearing the leather strap while on vacation, because it is very impractical to use in the water and tropical weather. Leather is also very sensitive to sea water and sweat, it can change the shape and bring unpleasant odours.


There are many kinds of watch complications, some of it can come in handy when you are on vacation. One of them is the GMT feature which will show you two different time zones when you go on vacation to an area that has a different time zone with your home.

There is also a world timer complication, which displays 24 different time zones of 24 major cities in the world. So you can still apply the time zone at home when you go anywhere and will never miss the flight time.


The bezel will add many additional functions to your watch. For example, a dive watch that has an unidirectional bezel can track dive times and provide an indicator when your oxygen cylinder will run out. Then the GMT feature, which usually uses the index on the bezel to see the time.

In addition, there is also a bezel that has a compass function, using the hour hand and the sun to determine direction. It can really help you when you’re in the middle of the forest.

Water Resistance

This is one of the must-have features on the watch that you will wear while on holiday, because, when on vacation there will be many water-related activities. Currently, almost all watches have a water resistant feature that is at least resistant to splashes of water or in the middle of rain.

The dive watch has the ability to dive to a maximum depth of 300m. So it is safe for you to use when swimming at the beach, hotel swimming pool, or playing in waterfalls.

Crystal Type

You will certainly spend a lot of outdoor activities, and this is very dangerous for your watch crystal. If you don’t want to go home with dents on your watch crystal, use a watch with a sapphire crystal.

Sapphire crystals are three times stronger than any other types of crystals and usually come with anti-reflective features, so you can read the time clearly even under the strong sunlight.