Nurulita Adriani Rahayu

“I feel that God created everything beautiful.”

Photographer Nurulita Adriani Rahayu is the woman behind the lens of the “Sambut Energi Asia” posters, the official campaign materials for the Asian Games 2018. Her photos showcased vibrant colours, which reflect the Energy of Asia. “Making art for the Asian Games was a great honour. And I felt so moved that finally I was able to create something for my country,” she said humbly.


Nurulita’s passion for photography grew significantly when she was a high school student in Bandung. In the beginning, she felt the need to learn about the beauty in human beings. “I feel that God created everything beautiful. So I try to find that beautiful side in people when I photograph them,” she explained.


A determined person, Nurulita started her own photography business eight years ago. It was not an easy journey at first, but she never gave up. “I once pawned my car to buy a new camera. Yes, that was the sacrifice that I made to pursue this career, and I will always remember it,” she said with a laugh.


Photography makes her happy and so do her two dogs. She loves to play with them when she gets some free time. “Playing with them makes me feel God’s love for all beings and I feel grateful to be able to feel that with my dogs.” And when she feels a bit tired from work, she will take some time off to find growing shoots. “Wherever I see the buds of growing plants; that is the moment I calm down and smile to myself. The plant/leaf buds have their own beauty and seeing new life grow beautifully serves to remind us that we must always grow into better people day by day.” Nurulita Adriani Rahayu wears TUDOR Heritage Black Bay.