Rolex’s name is worldwide and is certainly familiar to everyone’s ears. In fact, if you have never owned a watch in your life, you know the name, “Rolex”. The brand is synonymous with luxury watches, owning a Rolex is more than just owning a good watch, it’s a statement.

Considering Rolex’s reputation for excellence and quality, it is not surprising that there are now countless fake Rolex watches and in fact; they are the most counterfeited in the world. The flood of counterfeiting is only exacerbated by the internet because when you buy it via the internet, you can’t check the details.

There are many clues that you can spot from fake Rolex watches, from obvious ones like misspelled names, to complex ones like the size of a magnifying glass on the date window. Our advice, avoid buying a Rolex from an unknown seller if you can’t check it out first.

A physical examination is important because one of the most distinctive characteristics of all Rolex watches is the movement is so silent. If you are wearing a Rolex now and you can hear the movement of the second hand, I have bad news for you, the original Rolex watches do not have a ticking sound.


In the simplest terms, there are two types of watches, mechanical and quartz. The difference between the two types of watches is indeed a lot, but at first glance the most obvious is the sound of the ticking second hand.

The second hand on the quartz clock jolts as the electronic oscillator inside moves to keep time. This applies to watches, wall clocks, and other battery-powered timepieces. In the 1970s, quartz watches, which were cheaper to make and technically more accurate than mechanical timepieces became popular and now, most of the watches or clocks you see are quartz.

A mechanical watch from Rolex, which moves more gracefully, there is no pounding sound of the second hand, just a smooth and uninterrupted rotation. Most mechanical watches, and of course those certified Swiss-made, will run with the same subtle movements, but Rolex comes with a different machine.



What makes a Rolex watch so different is the silent sound from its movement. Any kind of mechanical movement will produce some sort of minimal noise that comes from engine movement. Rolex does not defy the laws of physics, if you place your Rolex watch near your ear you will hear some buzzing sound.

But overall, Rolex watches are extremely quiet and it is in line with their mission of producing precise movements. The mechanisms in Rolex watches are so precisely assembled that they minimise friction, ultimately minimising noise and also increasing accuracy. Of all the mechanical devices in the world, the Rolex engine is one of the most minimally sound.