Andrew Darwis

“My best moment is after 1 am.”

Andrew Darwis is the brilliant man behind the success of the biggest user-generated, content-based discussion platform in Indonesia, KASKUS. Established 19 years ago, the website now has more than 10 million users and members. As the site’s owner and founder, he absolutely has a strong vision for business and technology, “Recently, many new start-up players approach me to learn about the business and to exchange ideas. Sharing knowledge with them brings me joy and happiness,” said the humble entrepreneur.

Andrew’s daily routine revolves around work and meetings with his partners. He understands that someone in business has to move fast and create new ideas in order to exist and stay relevant in this fast-paced digital world. But even so, he knows when to switch off.

“My best moment is after 1 am, when I normally sit on my terrace and think about what I had done during the day. This is also the best time when I am not bothered with Whatsapp messages or phone calls, so I can think about my plans for the future. Apart from that, I can just simply open my laptop to read the news, browse some good places to travel to or reply emails.”

Still single and ready to mingle, Andrew spends his free time catching up with friends. They can talk for hours about everything, including travelling, “Recently, I like exploring the undiscovered destinations in Indonesia, especially the beaches. I go for a getaway every two months to clear my mind and recharge.” Andrew Darwis wears Zenith Defy El Primero 21.