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Journey of Time

The Time Place is celebrating 20 years of a remarkable journey.

Rolex Is Saving The World with Its Perpetual Planet Initiative

For nearly a century, Rolex has been an active supporter of pioneering explorers.

The Rösel Radiomir Auctioned for 110.500 Euros

The so-called Rösel Radiomir is a perfect example of the historical link between the Italian brand and the military world during World War 2 and is named after its original owner, Helmut Rösel, a frogman of the German navy in the 40s. 

My Finest Hour

The Time Place proudly present the stories of 20 incredible personalities who create value with their time and live their life to the fullest. Spend a moment with them and let their stories inspire you.

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The Time Place is one of the leading retailers for luxury timepiece in Indonesia.
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