Andy F. Noya

“I’ve learned how important it is to sometimes not do anything, not think about anything. Moments like these refresh my mind, so I need them to recover from the everyday rush.”

When we talked about time with journalist and social activist, Andy F. Noya, we uncovered a side of him that is generally not seen on air during his notable TV programme, “Kick Andy”. As a social activist, Andy spends a lot of time heading the Kick Andy Foundation and the National Eye Committee (Komite Mata Nasional), appearing as Indonesia’s Ambassador of Reading (Duta Baca Indonesia), and as co-founder of Ideafest and BenihBaik. com, a social crowdfunding platform.


As much as he enjoys what he does on a daily basis, he admits that his finest hour is when he gets to spend a couple of hours alone, away from the hustle and bustle. “Two of the things I do when I have a couple of hours to myself is to read and imagine. It is a great joy to come up with creative ideas during this time and move forward with it and actually create or give something valuable to other people.”


While work takes up five days of the week, weekends are reserved for family, “Since we got married 33 years ago, I promised to devote Saturdays to my wife and I have managed to keep that promise until now. Sunday is for the kids,” he reveals. Andy F. Noya wears the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 Automatic Chronograph.