Eva Celia

“My finest hour is waking up before everybody else and fixing myself a cup of warm milk. As I sit under the morning sun, I set my intentions for the rest of the day.”

Eva Celia is the offspring of two big names in the entertainment industry: jazz musician, Indra Lesmana, and former actress, Sophia Latjuba. In growing up, Eva has found her own identity and is known to write her own songs. Recently, she has been vocal about adopting a plant-based diet.


The singer puts her overall well-being on top of her priority list, “Sometimes, I catch myself nurturing others more than myself, but I am learning that I cannot pour from an empty cup. I make sure to tend to my own needs first,” she shared. In the midst of her daily activities, with most of her time spent in the studio to finish her second album, Eva makes sure to spare some time and indulge in her me-time. “I am comfortable with being alone, cooking, reading, writing. As much as I like being social, big crowds sometimes scare me. So I make sure that I create a safe space to recharge.”


Eva tends to find great enjoyment in the simple things; this is her finest hour. She enjoys a warm cup of milk first thing in the morning and delights in her meditation sessions, as well as making music and performing. At the end of the day, she loves coming home to her dogs and relishes doing her skincare routine before bedtime. Eva Celia wears the TAG Heuer Carrera Quartz and outfit by Valentino.