Ferdy Hasan

“I’m excited by being in control as an MC”

Cool, calm and collected is an Lapt description of Ferdy Hasan. The seasoned TV presenter and MC takes delays and diversions in stride, grinning and bearing them with no outward signs of annoyance.

Surprisingly, he admits to being shy; he overcame that fear of being at centre stage through experience and meticulous preparation.

“You have to be at the ready with various means of dealing with whatever happenings occur,” he says, insisting the audience must be kept unaware of any snafus.

“You must find a solution, because it’s you up there in front of everyone, not the floor or stage director.”

And his ultimate golden rule of being a great MC?

“We’re providing a service, so we have to be humble. And everybody hates being lectured or talked down to. We’re not supposed to be lecturers.”