Gwen Winarno

“As I get older, I try to see time as being in the present moment.”

Gwen Winarno loves being a wife, a mother, and finding the time and the space to work through all of life’s challenges. She feels blessed to have her own business so she can manage her time and daily schedule conveniently. “On a daily basis, I look after Pure Foods Company, a natural and organic café grocer and catering business that I established with my husband, Yudha Budhisurya. Adding to my excitement, I am also currently in the middle of completing my certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,” she said.

Juggling motherhood and work, Gwen has a secret recipe to keep her heart happy and this reflects on everything she does. She appreciates the small things in life, starting from the moment she opens her eyes in the morning. She strongly believes that there is always new hope and opportunity with every sunrise.

When she is alone at home, Gwen makes the best use of her time by meditating or catching up on her studies. In her eyes, meditation does not only mean sitting down with her eyes closed and focusing on her breathing, but it is something that she does with intent while being actively present in the moment.

“As I get older, I try to see time as being in the present moment. I have experienced so many things in the past and always wonder what my future will look like. But I believe that there is no other time, or one might even say a better time, than now. For the past three years my WhatsApp profile has been ‘I’m exactly where I need to be.’ And I mean that quite literally.” Gwen Winarno wears TAG Heuer Aquaracer.