Ivan Tandyo

“When my journey becomes a story that inspires others, that’s my finest hour.”

Ivan Tandyo founded Navanti Holdings back in 2008. At present, his company spreads across Australia and Indonesia. However, before he focused in the property business, Ivan had to struggle through a dark period when he could not pay rent for the first restaurant business that he put up. Undeterred by the many ups and downs associated with establishing a business, his fixed determination played a strong role in his success. While talking to Ivan, you will feel how positive and enthusiastic he is as a person. Perhaps it was these characteristics that kept him going to get to where he is now.


Today, Navanti Holdings has ownership of 14 different subsidiaries and is committed to launch new businesses every year. As a charismatic leader, the father of one is a strong believer in making dreams become a reality. Besides being a visionary, Ivan believes that each life has a divine special purpose. After spending time with him for a while, it is obvious that the driven businessman is also a creative individual. In previous years, Ivan used to play in a band and up to now, he still relishes the moments when he can play or compose music using his favourite guitar. Ivan Tandyo wears the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller 43.