Kevin Kumala

“My finest moment comes often when I’m in a serene setting by doing some self-reflection.”

Kevin Kumala spends every second serving a purpose that brings him fulfilment and joy. His love for Mother Nature led him to co-found Avani, which strives to become the world’s leading supplier in sustainable alternatives using renewable resources. His business is not only about making profit, but also contributing positively to the environment or the people. Avani produces an Eco Bag made from cassava starch, and printed with non-toxic ink.

“My mission is to replace single-use plastic products with compostable replacements, so my day-to-day activities include a lot of travelling and being mobile. I am currently juggling paving new avenues for the company and simultaneously evangelising breakthrough technologies that promote sustainability for the Earth,” he elaborated. As an entrepreneur who spends most of his time on the go, Kevin manages his time very well, be it in his professional role or private life. “Sunday morning is a crucial time for me, when I usually unwind by doing sports. While on the other hand, free time comes more spontaneously during my business trips. Normally, I would dedicate a day or two to my loved ones.”

Kevin added that his finest moment comes often when he is in a serene setting. He uses it for doing some self-reflection or simply recharging his spiritual batteries. “Creating social and environmental impact through Avani, enhancing my spiritual life and absorbing the most that I can through scholastic and practical exposures are three things that bring me joy and happiness.” Kevin Kumala wears Zenith Chronomaster El Primero Full Open.