Sabrina Bensawan

“When I am alone, I enjoy painting or simply reading books.”

Sabrina Bensawan believes in the stone and sand concept. “We all have an empty cup, so we need to fill it with stones first, which represent important things, then we can fill the gaps (if there are any) with sand, which of course represents the unimportant things. Never do it the other way around.” With this concept in mind, she manages to deal with conflicting priorities and multiple tasks.

At a young age, Sabrina has proven that an average girl can make an impact. She established Saab Shares in 2014, a non-profit organisation that focuses on children’s education, healthcare and women’s empowerment, exactly when she was only 16 years old. She is also the recipient of the Most Inspiring Social Activist Award and the youngest nominee of Kick Andy Young Heroes 2016. Another proud moment was when President Joko Widodo invited her to the state palace as one of the National Inspirational Figures, “For me, those are not just awards. Those are tokens of appreciation that multiply my motivation to do more for society.”

Young and humble, she claims she is a lifetime learner, who will never stop trying to do what she can to help people. She is grateful to have her family as her support system. She loves spending quality time with them, from having high tea, coffee, lunch or going on short vacations to being picked up from an agenda so she can chat with them in the car.


“When I am alone, I enjoy painting or simply reading books. That’s how I get intimate with myself,” she said with a smile. Sabrina Bensawan wears Piaget Possession.