Velove Vexia

It It has been three years since Velove started writing her first book. “I am currently working on a non-fiction book about women’s empowerment. The idea is simple. I was inspired by people and many good things in life, and now, I want to share it. Yes, this book is all about sharing,” she said.

When it comes to books, Velove is more into non-fiction. “I read psychology, philosophy and spiritual books. As for fiction, I read Paulo Coelho.”

Velove said that she is not (yet) a professional writer. But, every time she writes, she is really into it. “My journey has brought me to the entertainment world, but writing is my own decision. This is my passion that I really want to develop.”

Writing a book for the first time is fun and challenging, especially for Velove who does not have any background in the field. “I need to admit that my biggest challenge is self-doubt. I keep editing my work and have become a real perfectionist. But then I said to myself that done is always better than perfect.”

She is young. She is a star. But one thing is for sure, she knows that time is ticking and she does not want to waste it even for a minute. “Inspiration can come anywhere and any time. When it pops in my head, I will write a short note on my cell phone first. As you know, moments like that do not come twice.”