4 Tips on Dive Watch Maintenance and Care, dive watches with high quality can last up to decades if you treat them right. Unlike the other types of watches, a dive watch is designed to be used underwater. Therefore, the dive watch requires special care, which is slightly different from other watches.

We covered 4 tips on dive watch maintenance and care below.

Rinse after diving.

Don’t forget to rinse your dive watch after diving because seawater contains things that ruin the durability and function of your watch. Rinse immediately with clean water after you finished diving. This is an important thing that you must always remember so your dive watch can last a long time.

Clean your Dive Watch regularly. Because it is used under the water, many things can be left inside or outside your favourite dive watch. Therefore, clean your dive watch periodically.

For the outside, use a microfiber cloth to clean up the dirt and stains; as for rada dirt that is difficult to disappear, use a soft bristle brush. Be careful when cleaning your watch, do it as gently as possible not to cause scratches.

For the inside, please don’t do it by yourself. Entrust professionals at Time Care to do it.

Always check the crown before diving.

Crown is the most important part of a dive watch. Besides setting the time, the crown is the only space where water can enter a dive watch. Make sure your watch’s crown is closed before diving. If you dive in an open crown, seawater will enter and can damage the inner components.

Clean the bezel section.


Bezels are not only the decoration of a dive watch, but they are also useful for measuring your dive time.

When diving, there are things like sand, coral fibres, and other small particles that can enter and hamper your dive watch’s bezel rotation. So, to prevent it from happening, always rinse your dive watch after diving and make sure there is no dirt stuck on your bezel.

Do not exceed the water-resistant limits of your watch.


The first thing to check when you want to buy a dive watch is the limit of water-resistant features. The water resistance shown on the back case or dial indicates how deep you can use the watch under the water. Therefore, do not let you exceed the depth limit already listed, so the water does not seep into your watch.