Giovanni Panerai opened his first shop in 1860 at “Ponte alle Grazie” in Florence, serving not only as a watch shop and workshop but also as the city’s first watchmaking school: the history of Panerai begins here. Since then, they have initially specialised in producing military watches for the Italian Navy. And that’s been what Panerai has offered until now; all of their watches are designed to withstand rigorous conditions while providing high legibility and precision.

From that on, Panerai was one of the biggest watch brands in the world, and if you are curious about what makes Panerai unique, we have covered five fascinating values about Panerai.

Iconic Design Elements

Panerai Submersible Chrono

The big crown and the distinctive protective bridge over it are Panerai watches’ most recognisable design features. The goal of the original models was to shield the crown from unintentional bumps and rotations. So, if you are looking for watches that are tough enough for extreme adventure, Panerai is the perfect choice.


Panerai California
Panerai California

Because of their remarkable brilliance, Panerai watches are known for being readable in low light. Panerai invented “Radiomir,” a technology that has become synonymous with their timepieces, during the 1940s.


Panerai Brabus
Panerai Brabus

One of the world’s most prestigious watch brands is Panerai. Their watches are expertly constructed by hand using premium components and precise engineering, paying close attention to every last detail. Their great cost and status are a result of their limited manufacturing and exquisite craftsmanship.

Navy Partner

Submersible GMT Navy SEALs
Submersible GMT Navy SEAL

Panerai and the naval forces have a long-standing partnership. Utilised by naval forces worldwide, their timepieces have solidified their standing as dependable and long-lasting in tough marine settings.

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    Limited Editions

    To appeal to collectors and aficionados, Panerai regularly offers limited edition timepieces. These editions often honour notable historical occasions connected to the Panerai brand or feature distinctive designs.

    Panerai is a brand that has distinguished itself in the world of watchmaking with its unique style, fine craftsmanship, and amazing heritage. Their timepieces are in high demand due to their durability, readability, and distinctive design. By introducing innovative limited editions and new models, Panerai is pushing the frontier of watchmaking innovation. Discover the Panerai collections online or visit the Panerai boutique at Plaza Senayan, Jakarta.