In line with the brand’s core principles to be always innovative, Armin Strom redesigning the brand’s typical movement, dial and case to deliver the new model, Lady Beat, marks a milestone of their System 78 collection.

Lady Beat’s design features differentiated aesthetics that make it wholly unique and feminine. And this is thanks to the fact that the men behind Armin Strom know their boundaries. Instead of using the brand’s testosterone-influenced in-house design, the company consulted freelance designers of the opposite sex to ensure authenticity and a decidedly feminine feel.

Armin Strom

Lady Beat is the manufacturer’s answer to finally serving women also interested in fine mechanics. Technical head Claude Greisler and owner Serge Michel felt that the time was precisely right to include women in Armin Strom’s high-quality Swiss-made offerings. “There is more to discover with this watch than women are used to,” Greisler opines.

“Our passion for visible mechanics is also evident at first glance here.” Greisler refers to the brand’s history in skeletonization and open work movements, and a consistent leitmotif continued in Lady Beat.

Finally, though technical, the entire watch should still exude a feminine feel without resorting to diamonds and mother-of-pearl to “prettify” it. This watch should not be a compromise of any sort; it is unapologetically for women and the minimalist Armin Strom style.

Armin Strom

Working with the female design consultants, the Armin Strom team also decided to orient Lady Beat’s look on Gravity Equal Force to build on and highlight the freshly launched System 78 collection. By examining the brand’s own values and combining them with new thoughts and practices, Armin Strom offers the watch that every woman desires on their wrist.

While the base idea is rooted in Gravity Equal Force, and the movement remains the centerpiece of any Armin Strom watch, the mechanics have been reordered to ensure both the svelte, wearable character of the watch and to put the spotlight on mechanical dial animation.

Armin Strom

The previous case design has been trimmed down even further from the already relatively lithe proportions of Gravity Equal Force to create the first 38-millimeter case at Armin Strom.

These new models come with Calibre ALA20, the automatic winding movement with central rotor and balance wheel with 4 regulating screws that beat on 3,5 Hz (25.200 vph). This movement has 70 hours of power reserve and hours minute function.