As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better way to celebrate the spirit of joy and festivity than with a gift that encapsulates the essence of colour and luxury. Enter the new Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet collection, a stunning fusion of haute horlogerie and vibrant aesthetics.

In this article, we recommend five enchanting Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet collections that redefine the art of gifting, promising a holiday season filled with colour, style, and unmistakable sophistication.

Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet Selfwinding (Ref. 77410OR.OO.A825CR.01)

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The 38mm case introduces a new dimension to the Code 11.59 series. Crafted with precision from lustrous 18-carat pink gold, the case exudes a warm and inviting glow, setting the stage for an extraordinary timekeeping experience. The focal point of this watch is the captivating beige dial, adorned with the distinctive new signature motif. The ivory inner bezel elegantly frames the dial, creating a harmonious contrast. Pink gold applied hour-markers and hands, enhanced with a luminescent coating, ensure readability in any lighting conditions, adding a functional touch to the overall design.

Complementing the dial is a pearly beige “large square scale” alligator strap, a testament to Audemars Piguet’s commitment to both style and comfort. The strap is meticulously crafted, ensuring a luxurious feel against the skin. Secured with an 18-carat pink gold pin buckle, it not only adds a touch of opulence but also allows for a perfect fit, completing the ensemble with finesse.

Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet Selfwinding (Ref. 77410OR.OO.A623CR.01)

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It comes with an 18-carat pink gold 38mm case. This timepiece presents a visual symphony of opulence and sophistication. The rich aesthetic unfolds with a captivating purple coloured dial, a hue that exudes warmth and sets the stage for unparalleled refinement. The seamless integration of luminescent-coated hands, pink gold applied hour-markers, and an inner bezel in regal purple showcases the meticulous attention to detail.

Complementing the ensemble is a pearly purple ‘large square scale’ alligator strap, harmoniously secured by an 18-carat pink gold pin buckle. More than just a watch, this creation is a celebration of opulence, precision, and the timeless beauty that Audemars Piguet effortlessly brings to the wrist.

Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet Selfwinding Chronograph (Ref. 26393ST.OO.A348KB.01)

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This 41mm stainless steel chronograph showcases a brand-new stamped motif that breathes life into the deep allure of the “Bleu Nuit, Nuage 50” dial. The double glare proof sapphire crystal and caseback provide a window into the meticulous craftsmanship within. Complementing the captivating dial are striking blue counters, a grey external zone, and a subtle grey counter at 6 o’clock, creating a visual symphony of tones.

The elegance is further accentuated by white gold hour-markers and hands, each adorned with a luminescent coating for enhanced readability. The grey inner bezel adds a touch of refinement, framing the intricate dial with precision. To complete the ensemble, the timepiece is secured by a blue rubber-coated strap, offering both comfort and contemporary style. Fastened with a stainless steel pin buckle, the strap seamlessly integrates with the overall design, making this Audemars Piguet creation not just a watch but a wearable work of art.

Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet Selfwinding Chronograph (Ref. 26393ST.OO.A056KB.01)

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The chronograph’s 41mm stainless steel case is a canvas for a rich, dark green dial that, when paired with a matching bracelet, creates an enchanting monochrome ensemble. The stainless steel case, adorned with a double glareproofed sapphire crystal and caseback, showcases the brand’s commitment to both durability and transparency.

The dial, a captivating shade of green, hosts complementing green counters, a rhodium-toned external zone, and a discreet green counter at 6 o’clock. White gold hour-markers and hands, coated with luminescence, ensure legibility in any setting. The green inner bezel frames the dial with precision, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. Completing the timepiece is a green rubber-coated strap, providing a modern and comfortable touch to the ensemble.

With a palette that spans the entire spectrum, those timepieces are not just watches; they are expressions of joy, sophistication, and the vibrant spirit of the holidays. Choose a gift that resonates with the colours of celebration and ensures that this festive season is remembered in vivid detail for years to come.

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