The Chopard Mille Miglia was introduced in 1989, the result of their president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele’s passion for classic cars, racing sports, and his passion for dynamic and innovative watchmaking design.

Initially, this watch was made as a souvenir for rally racers, but the Chopard Mille Miglia has grown into a popular comprehensive collection. This collection has its main characteristics, the strap inspired by Dunlop’s tyres and the red arrow logo that appears on all models.

The watch exudes a racing-inspired spirit with accents and features reference of classic car components and instrument panels. However, Mille Miglia Lab One will take a detour from all of that.

Like a horological concept on par with a race car, the concept from the Mille Miglia Lab One flaunts sexy angles, black manliness, and an open dial that showcases technical sophistication that works underneath it.

This Mille Miglia Lab One comes with the most extreme concept, powered by Caliber 04.03-M that features 485 parts inside it. Chopard’s first in-house tourbillon movement built with the passion of a racing car. Here, the tourbillon is equipped with “stop” equipment inspired by the car’s disc brake system.

By pulling the pusher of the clock, you can activate the rotating tourbillon frame, allowing the user to reach the time to the nearest second. The movement is enhanced with a patented balance, which helps balance to increase movement’s precision to tell the time.

The dynamics of a high-tech watch are beautifully expressed. Housed in an elongated decagon-shaped titanium case, the Mille Miglia Lab One serves in scratch-resistant black DLC and features angled bezels and lugs, which exude a unique luster, thanks to the combination of beading and polished surfaces.

The design of the dial is very neat because it is very inspired by racing cars. Through the grille, you can peek on how the movement works. At the bottom, a power reserve indicator and a retrograde date display flank the tourbillon, looking like a race car’s instrument panel.

Limited to 20 pieces, Mille Miglia Lab One is essential Mille Miglia is ordinary, this is made for those of you who are full of challenges and are interested in having a collection beyond the limit of demand.