Hublot has unveiled its latest collaboration, which marks the brand’s entry into the expanding cryptocurrency market.

The Big Bang Unico Ledger is the result of a merger between Hublot and Ledger, the world’s top and most secure crypto and digital asset platform, which already has four million clients worldwide. The special watch comes with a Ledger Nano x crypto digital asset wallet and is restricted to only 50 pieces.

“Having served as the Timekeeping Partner of January’s Crypto Finance Conference 2022 in St. Moritz, it brings me great pleasure to introduce today a watch that fuses together the many tantalizing possibilities that link high-end crypto and state-of-the-art mechanical watchmaking. I firmly believe this is the year when the watch industry will come to embrace cryptocurrency,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, the CEO of Hublot.

Hublot Big Bang Unico is the first timepiece to combine excellent watchmaking with cutting-edge crypto technology. The timepiece is accompanied by a limited-edition Ledger Nano X crypto wallet and a sapphire watch box.

These components will be presented in a customized presentation box made of a transparent smoked black sapphire, which was chosen to represent the transparency and security that are key to the blockchain and decentralized currency concept.

The watch’s overall theme is transparency, which is evident in the open-working of the Big Bang Unico Ledger’s skeletonized dial which reveals the watch’s elegant mechanical movement where they would normally be hidden under the dial.

The golden bezel, cast in a stainless “Electrum” gold and silver alloy, one of the first known coins, is the watch’s most striking feature. The word “Vires in Numeris,” which is the slogan of Bitcoin and translates to “strength in numbers” in Latin, appears all around the bezel’s edge.

This watch is the future, and it will pave the road for the two industries to collide, redefining luxury in the modern world is in its process. Jam tangan ini adalah masa depan dan akan membuka jalan bagi dua industri tersebut untuk saling berkolaborasi untuk mendefinisikan ulang kemewahan di dunia modern.