In 2020, to mark its 15th anniversary, the Hublot Big Bang is available for the first time in its history with a tailored integrated bracelet that sits perfectly against the skin. So perfect, in fact, that to look at the Big Bang Integral with a visual harmony resulting from absolute proportions you would think that it had always existed.

A unique bracelet unlike any other. Its aesthetic signature is powerful enough for it to be instantly associated with that of the Hublot Big Bang. Three links: one central and two lateral; in that respect, at least, a standard bracelet. But then its sharp style adopts the codes of the case, with edges that not only echo the aesthetic of the pushers but also the architecture of the middle with its cutouts.

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    The polished and satin-finished surfaces, and the bevelling and chamfering of the links, create the same effect of depth and contrast as between the case and the bezel lug. Of course, an integrated bracelet means a redesigned case. While its dial and bezel are identical to the existing Hublot Big Bang 42 mm model with the exception of the indices which replace the Arabic numerals its pushers return to the codes of the original model from 2005.

    It is these pushers that inspired the style of the bracelet, with their interplay of angles and chamfers and alternating polished and satin finishes punctuating the watch, from the middle to the bracelet.

    The Big Bang Integral retains its iconic “sandwich” construction, this time without the composite resin insert, with the watch crafted entirely from one material, Titanium, King Gold, or Ceramic. The only exceptions are the black composite resin lugs on its bezel and the crown overmolded with rubber.

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    It is released in three materials inextricably linked to the history of Hublot: lightweight titanium, hard-wearing, scratch-proof ceramic (500 pieces) and King Gold, a unique alloy of gold, copper and platinum which results in an intensely red 18-carat gold and is exclusive to Hublot.

    Following on from these three materials, Hublot also released this collection with four ceramic colours: black, white, navy blue and grey. all with built-in scratch- resistance, durability and hypoallergenic properties. Its monobloc architecture, an integrated bracelet on which the first link is fused with the case, affirms Hublot’s integral single-colour, single-material style.

    All of these models are powered by the Unico proprietary manufacture movement in its V2 incarnation, the HUB1280, a modified version of its predecessor, the Unico HUB1242. Changes include the loss of the escapement platform, a thinner automatic winding system with a slimmer 1.3-mm movement. This updated version of the Unico features a redesigned architecture for easier assembly and more legible functions.

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