In the Chinese calendar, 2024 marks the return of the Dragon, which comes around every 12 years. This celestial creature, revered in Chinese culture, is associated with prosperity. A symbol of luck, strength, and wisdom, the dragon is also an imperial icon that embodies life and immortality.

Equivalent to the year 4722 in the Chinese calendar, 2024 marks the year of the Wood Dragon. Through artist Chen Fenwan’s paper-cutting expertise, Hublot pays homage to wood through the natural fibres that form the soul and spirit of paper.

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    Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon Watch 8

    In a 42 mm titanium case, Hublot transposes the layered effects of paper cutting into a multi-level dial construction, overlaying a base panel with several levels of appliqués that incirporate the aesthetic codes of Hublot’s components.

    A symbol of Hublot’s philosophy, the Hublot creates a different way to interpret time through its distinctive features. The components of its pieces: hands, cogs, or screws—are positioned in multi-dimensional layers to form a dragon’s silhouette created in paper cut-outs by the Chinese artist Chen Fenwan.

    Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon Watch 7

    The dragon’s head is made up of five layers that alternate between hands, wheels, and H-shaped screws, with a body and scales that extend onto the strap. The colours reflect those of the paper cut-out sculpture created by Chen Fenwan.

    The dragon’s silhouette extends onto the rubber strap, which features a rubber marquetry motif—a first for Hublot. Each of the dragon’s scales is coloured and nano-vulcanized to be integrated into the strap. This delicate decorative operation is carried out entirely by hand and takes around 8 hours per strap.

    Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon Watch 4

    The Spirit of Big Bang Titanium Dragon, offered in a limited edition of 88 pieces, comes with a second titanium-grey Velcro fabric strap. This special edition watch is powered by the HUB1710 automatic movement, which has a power reserve of 50 hours.

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