Hublot will serve as the tournament’s Official Timekeeper, timing all 64 matches, right through to the final in Doha’s Lusail Stadium on December 18. With more than 1 billion viewers, the FIFA World Cup tournament is the world’s most watched sports event1.

To illustrate the campaign, Hublot’s love of football, and our commitment to beauty in diversity, Hublot invited Lebanese fashion designer Mira Mikati to design a special, happy, colourful “Hublot Loves Football” campaign logo that brims with optimism.

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    Her hand-drawn and painted design captures a youthful, hopeful enthusiasm and communicates a spirit of unity. In addition, Hublot brought Mira together with 15 Hublot Ambassadors and Friends of the Brand to create 15 unique designs to represent the football of their dreams.

    Each is a one-off, a piece of art created to capture the themes of hope and universal respect, as well as the individual personalities of the football stars and their shared passion for football. Some are hand-drawn and painted, others crocheted, representing the human element in football.

    “Play is at the heart of all my designs. When I’m not playing with colour, I’m playing with words. Just as football sparks joy on the pitch, I want my work to be a constant supply of happiness. Dreams really can come true. Meeting Hublot’s ambassadors and discussing their dreams, passions and how far these drivers can take you was very special. By interpreting every player’s dream, with Hublot we want to inspire others to dream just as big. Whether it’s playing for your country or designing your own collection, we want to inspire the next generation to believe they can achieve anything.” Said Mira Mikati.

    Hublot, Mira Mikati and 15 of Hublot’s Ambassadors and Friends of the Brand collaborated on 15 unique, one-of-a-kind football designs. Mira met with each star and explored their passions and personalities to help her craft the final designs. Here they are: Pele, Kylian Mbappe, Laure Boulleau, Marcel Desailly, Didier Deschamps, Luis Figo, Ada Hegerberg, Roberto Martinez, Alex Morgan, Jose Mourihnho, Alexia Putellas, Hervé Renard, Xherdan Shaqiri, Gareth Southgate, and David Tezeguet,

    Hublot Loves Football x Kylian Mbappé

    Mira described the challenge of designing a ball for talismanic French international striker Kylian Mbappé as one of the most exciting of her career. She wanted to capture the concepts of “dream” and “dedication” to illustrate how he has devoted himself to realising his wildest ambitions. The colours reflect his story. Pink, his favourite, for his first dream football boots. Orange for Inspired by KM, his children’s foundation. And blue for France and the beauty of the sky.

    Hublot Loves Football x Pelé

    Pelé, a football icon, and so much more. Mira drew inspiration from the Brazilian’s energy, peace and humanity, and conceived the Pelé design around five characteristics she felt best described him: optimistic, disciplined, respectful, genuine and iconoclastic. She chose yellow to capture Pelé’s sunny disposition, and added the famous silhouette of his overhead kick.

    Hublot Loves Football x Roberto Martinez

    Mira might have gone with the red, black and yellow of the Belgium team Roberto manages, but she felt these were too aggressive for his personality. Instead, the ball uses lighter, warmer colours that capture his kind, generous disposition. At his request, she attached an Apple AirTag to the ball–so that he would never lose it.

    Hublot Loves Football x Alex Morgan

    US international Alex Morgan plays her club football in California and is captain of the San Diego Wave FC. Mira captured the state’s warmth with a California sunset in Alex’s design, adding a palm tree motif and a horizon, a symbol of the limitless opportunities for women in football.

    Hublot Loves Football x Jose Mourinho

    Jose is one of football’s greatest ever managers, and known for his pithy insights. He gave Mira two. First: “The World Cup ball must represent all the colours of the world.” So Mira created cheerful, graphic interpretations of the competing nations’ flags. And second, his secret motto: “The most important victory is the next one.” She added these bright, forward-looking words to his design.

    Hublot Loves Football x Alexia Putellas

    Spanish international Alexia loves colour, flowers, the sea and spending time with her family. For her, Mira designed a happy, summery, colourful ball covered in floral motifs. The design also includes a heart, representing Alexia’s sisters, the Barcelona coast and of course, her love of football.

    Hublot Loves Football x Xherdan Shaqiri

    Xherdan is an icon of Swiss football. Mira designed a ball that celebrates his love of family and the value of respect that was passed down to him by his parents. She used hand-written, colourful typography to connect him to those values and give him energy.

    Hublot Loves Football x Gareth Southgate

    Speaking with England manager Gareth, Mira said she developed a profound understanding of the power of human values in football. One of Gareth’s maxims is “Be Brave, Be Kind and Follow Your Dreams!”. The dominant colour is green, an emotional colour for Gareth inspired by football pitches.

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