IWC Schaffhausen opened a massive interactive display in California only a few days ago to promote its Big Pilot line in a big, yet fitting, manner. IWC opens the containers and sets up pop-up displays in eight different locations throughout America, transporting huge specially-designed industrial shipping containers painted black from city to city.

The display not only showcases the Big Pilot watches, but also, and perhaps more significantly, gives visitors a sense of the Swiss watchmaker’s skill and history. This touring IWC display is housed in a pop-up shipping container that perfectly complements IWC’s aviation-inspired Big Pilot watches. The industrial-style show will be on display in Los Angeles from September 23, 2021, until November 14, 2021, when it will close in New York City.

In the meanwhile, Arizona, Miami, South Carolina, and Houston are all on the itinerary. A life-sized holographic system that displays pictures of IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr as he teleports into the show is one of the exhibit’s centerpieces. Holograms of Kurt Klaus, IWC’s famous former chief watchmaker, and racecar driver and seven-time Formula One winner Lewis Hamilton join him.

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Each personality offers unique perspectives on the world of IWC. A Creator Wall, which displays some of IWC’s partner connections, is another feature. The IWC Big Pilot watches have a long and illustrious history, stretching back over 80 years. In reality, owing to the employment of a soft inner iron casing to protect the movement, IWC was the first to develop anti-magnetic pilot watches in the early 1930s.

While the series has undergone frequent updates and evolutions, characteristic aspects like as the conical crown, riveted strap, and, most importantly for pilot watches, a highly legible display have remained constant.

IWC has developed aviation collaborations with top groups such as Top Gun throughout the years to manufacture limited-edition pilot timepieces. In 2006, I joined IWC and the United States Navy for a tour of the Top Gun elite fighter pilot school, followed by an amazing trap landing on the USS Ronald Reagan in the Pacific Ocean. We jumped from the aircraft carrier in great style after visiting the ship and holding some crucial meetings on board. This is something IWC excels at.