Jaeger-LeCoultre honours the Chinese New Year with the release of a new short film, “Virtuosity in Motion”. Featuring the celebrated Chinese actor and singer Jing Boran, who has been a Friend of the Maison since 2016.

Jing Boran is a Chinese actor and singer whose big career breakthrough came when he won the 2007 talent contest, My Hero. He is best known for his roles in Monster Hunt (2015), Time Raiders (2016) Us and Them (2018) and The Shadow Play (2019). Born in April 1989, the actor has received wide public acclaim for his recent TV series The Psychologist.

The film is both elegant and engaging, inviting the viewer to reflect on the relationship between dreams and achievements. The film, directed by Lomo Yang brings alive the imaginative narrative of the new film through exquisite cinematography and evocative lighting to create a dream-like mood.

The Lunar New Year is always a moment to look back at the past year of achievements and reflect on our aspirations for the coming year and the infinite possibilities for the future. “The message of this film is so appropriate for our New Year because this is the time when we feel gratitude for our past and present, which gives us the foundation for our dreams and the plans we make for the future,” says Jing Boran.

The Master Ultra Thin Moon that Jing wears on his wrist serves as an allegory for the relationships between aspirations and reality, Moon and Earth, dreams and time.

Exuding refinement and a timeless yet contemporary elegance, the timepiece unites the  moon phases indication in both hemisphere with a tourbillon the first time these two complications have been united in the long history of the Maison as well as displaying Jaeger-LeCoultre’s signature peripheral date, jumping over the tourbillon from 15th to the 16th, around the outer edge of the dial.

In addition to the moon-phase display, an entirely natural choice to mark the Lunar New Year, the tourbillon is especially appropriate, its spinning is echoed by the spiral of the staircase that anchors the film’s narrative.

“This timepiece has special meaning because it is the moon that governs our Chinese New Year and, as I gaze at the spinning of the tourbillon, I feel that it represents the awakening of my dreams for the future,” says Jing.