Jaeger-LeCoultre unveiled an impressive collection of timepieces at this year’s Watches & Watches in Geneva. These include the captivating Duomètre Chronograph Moon, the elegant Duomètre Quantième Lunaire, the Duomètre Héliotourbillon Perpetual, and The Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Calendar. Every model is an embodiment of the Maison’s unwavering quest to fuse the pinnacle of visual perfection with cutting-edge mechanical functionality.

Duometre Heliotourbillon Perpetual

Jaeger LeCoultre Duometre Heliotourbillon Perpetual Watch 5

A stunning fusion of advanced mechanics and elegant design. The heart of this watch is the brand-new manual Calibre 388, which was created totally in-house. It has an amazing tourbillon that spins on three axes to create a unique “spinning top” effect, a first for the Maison. This 4Hz-beating mechanical marvel is complemented with a perpetual calendar featuring a large date display, showcasing the brand’s commitment to fusing sophistication with accuracy.

Within a redesigned pink gold case that pays homage to 19th-century savonette pocket watches, the Duomètre Héliotourbillon Perpetual combines classic style with cutting-edge technology. The 34-part case’s unique structure, which combines brushed, polished, and micro-blasted surfaces, adds to its visual appeal and harmonizes with the intricate movement inside.

Duometre Chronograph Moon

Duometre Chronograph Moon 2

This remarkable watch demonstrates the brand’s skill at blending technical complexity with elegant design, fusing the lyrical presentation of moon phases with the accuracy of a chronograph. The watch has a special dual-wing mechanism that ensures that the precision of its timekeeping is not compromised by the energy consumption of its complications. It is powered by the recently designed Calibre 391. This innovative model is offered in two magnificent variations: the platinum version has a copper-colored dial and a platinum case, while the pink gold version has a silver dial and a silver hand-stitched alligator strap.

The watch contains two power reserve indicators, a moon phase and night-day complication, and a manually wound mono-pusher chronograph. Its newly designed case pays homage to the brand’s 19th-century savonette pocket watches. Through the transparent case-back, the openworked dial and movement showcase the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Duometre Quantieme Lunaire


With a design that is slightly more contemporary, the Duomètre Quantième Lunaire represents a noteworthy advancement in its line, which is known for blending precision with technological innovation. Its modified case and eye-catching blue dial give its traditional aesthetics a modern touch. The dual-wing architecture of the Duomètre ensures maximum accuracy by separating the power supply from the complexities and timekeeping functions. This maintains consistent precision and energy flow regardless of how the complications operate.

The Duomètre Quantième Lunaire’s technical power is equal to its aesthetic appeal. Its manually wound Calibre 381 displays Jaeger-LeCoultre’s expertise in watchmaking. Precise one-sixth of a second timekeeping is made possible by the unique seconde foudroyante display and the deep blue opaline dial, which are embellished with a variety of ornamental finishes. From the symmetrical arrangement of its sub-dials to the sunray-brushed and opaline finishes that produce a play of light and depth, the watch’s design exhibits a careful approach.


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