When it comes to the spotlight, no one knows it better than Andien Aisyah, Chicco Jerikho, and Ananda Omesh who have now joined the #squadonamission with Swiss luxury watchmaker, Breitling in Indonesia. These amazing performers are at the top of their game and have taken daring, creative ventures to further their careers.

“We are thrilled to have Andien Aisyah back as part of the Breitling Indonesia Squad, along with Chicco Jerikho and Ananda Omesh who are joining us to embody tenacity and the spirit of breaking boundaries” says Shannon Saputra Hartono, Time International Executive Vice President.

What’s their reason to join forces with Breitling? Which Breitling watch was the choice?


Andien Aisyah wears Chronomat Automatic 36
Andien Aisyah wears Chronomat Automatic 36

As a local singer-songwriter who motivates listeners with her music, Andien’s growth in the industry has been marked by 35 local and international awards. Her distinctive and creative personality, along with a fearless spirit and active lifestyle is a true reflection of Breitling’s values and principles.

“It’s my second year with Breitling, and my Chronomat always serves as a reminder of why I love this brand.” adds Andien.


Chicco Jerikho wear Chronomat Automatic GMT 40

A true professional dedicated to his art form, award winning actor Chicco Jerikho has impressed audiences with his ability to adapt across various acting roles. Likewise with the Chronomat, Chicco is able to convey purpose, action, and style through his work and sports.

“Watches have always been my passion, and Breitling has always been the brand I gravitate toward anytime I consider wearing a watch,” says Chicco Jerikho.


Ananda Omesh wear Chronomat Automatic GMT 40
Ananda Omesh wear Chronomat Automatic GMT 40

A multifaceted talent, Ananda Omesh has won the hearts of the Indonesian public through his endearing persona as a host & public figure. As an avid watch collector and motorcycle lover, Breitling’s modern retro and neo-luxury approach speaks to him.

Ananda Omesh says “For as long as I’ve been interested in watches, Breitling has always been the top brand for me. The versatility and adaptability of the watches perfectly complements my active lifestyle.”

So, those are some of the new lineups from Breitling Indonesia Squad. Would you like to have the same watch as them above and join the squad? Find Breitling watch collections online or visit your nearest Breitling and The Time Place boutique.