Addie MS

“Without music, life would be a mistake”

The saying “without music, life would be a mistake” by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is what defines the life of Indonesian conductor Addie MS. Every time he goes on stage with the Twilite Orchestra, Addie finds himself in his element. Every performance leaves a lasting impression, but he considers his Berlin performance with the orchestra as his finest moment until the present day.

“I was conducting the Twilite Orchestra and the Twilite Chorus at the Konzerthaus, Berlin in 2012. After our very last song, we received a standing ovation from the German audience,” said Addie proudly. He added, “We’re planning on our next series of public concerts as a continuous activity of the Twilite Orchestra to expand our audience and strengthen our presence in the community amidst the rapidly changing world.”

Every day is a busy one for Addie, but he always manages to spare at least two hours each day for himself. “My me time is at 4-6 pm every day with my cigar. This is my ‘must’ moment to unwind and relax,” Addie said with a smile. He also shows his romantic side by asking his wife out for a movie date when he has some free time.