Adhika Maxi

“I love mixing it up in the kitchen”

Adhika Maxi carved out his name as a chef – including a stint under notorious firebrand Gordon Ramsay – and today as a partner and the kitchen commander of UNION, the brasserie with a classy international ambience.

Tools of his trade – and what help him shine in his finest hour of cooking “power dinners” at the homes of well heeled foodies – are a gleaming set of handmade Japanese carving knives.

“They must be sharp or else the food bruises when you cut it, and it won’t look good.”

Arimbi Nimpuno wears Star Open Ladies by Zenith Photograph by Diera Bachir But no cook is only as good as his equipment: it ultimately boils down to the taste test. Maxi combines haute cuisine training with his down-home love of street food.

Mie ayam foie gras anyone?

“I try to merge them and somewhere along the line it becomes what it is. It’s comfort food but with an open mind.”