Amalia Wirjono

“Wondering around an art gallery, That’s my finest hour”

Listening to Amalia’s story will make you think that it’s never too late to start something. Although she considers herself as a latecomer to the art industry, Amalia has always worked under the best institutions in the national and international arena. Previously known as the Indonesia Representative of Christie’s, she is the founder of Art Dept ID, and has now been entrusted to handle Museum MACAN’s Patrons & Donors. “Right now, I also serve as the Southeast Asia representative of one of the biggest and oldest international art fairs in the world. Therefore, for me personally, as someone who really enjoys what I do, 24 hours in a day is really not enough. It is very important that I manage my time every single day of the week.”

Being involved in the art world professionally means having no clearcut working hours. Amalia admits that this is not an issue for her as she always sets aside time for the people she loves, “It’s really finding time to be with my daughter and family. My weekend is spending time with my parents and siblings. It’s always about family.” She also spends one-on-one time with her daughter, “For me, a good time is when we can spend some quality time together, doesn’t matter how short it is. I enjoy cooking with my daughter every once in a while because it is what she loves to do, so we cook together sometimes. And because it’s always priceless for me to spend time with her, I cherish those moments,” she shared. Amalia Wirjono wears the Santos de Cartier.