Angelique Widjaya

“I found happiness on my wedding day”

Dy age 16, Angelique Widjaja had the Wimbledon junior tennis title to her name and was anointed a future star. Her ultimate ambition lay beyond the sport’s most illustrious crowns: to have her own family.

“I had already chosen the criteria I wanted for a husband,” says Angie. “I knew he would have to share the same values because my goal was to have a happy family.”

Her fairy-tale came true when she walked down the aisle in a dress by Adrian Gan.

“Andre brought happiness to me. For me he is perfect, he is responsible and humble. He has made me a priority in his life,” she says.

“Sharing the same values makes it easier to deal with any misunderstandings. You know you cannot compromise on them.”

Now 30 and pregnant with twins, she says she never regrets retiring from tennis.

“Getting married was the biggest decision in my life, and I can say that it was the right one.”