Arimbi Nimpuno

“I am at my best when i am on my own”

Chef Arimbi Nimpuno brings her dab culinary hand to cooking classes and shows on the Asian Food Channel.

Naturally, food and also family are the focus of her day; meals are the time when gadgets are put aside and she, her husband and four daughters meet at the dinner table.

“I am very open with my children – you have to be today,” muses Arimbi, who grew up in Austria and Spain.

Family oriented as she is, she is in her element when she is alone. She curls up with books – biographies and self-improvement works – away from the clutter of contemporary life.

“I think people in life need to have ‘alone’ time every now and then. The more you have people around you, the more you ‘hear voices’, and that doesn’t always bring out the best in you,”

“When I am alone, I can centre myself and get my act together.”