Aston Utan

“Each type of coffee is different and every person has his or her own way to drink it”

Common Ground’s Co-founder Aston Utan can talk about coffee from morning till evening. You will see the spark in his eyes when you engage him in his most favorite topic of conversation: coffee. “I drink coffee three to four times a day. It’s been part of my day-to-day life as I am also in the business,” he said.

As a professional barista, Aston is very observant on who he’s making coffee for. He interprets his finest hour when he can make someone smile over an amazing cup of coffee. “Making coffee for someone can be as easy as pressing a button or as complicated as choosing what kind of coffee that suits that person’s mood that day. To me, it’s always challenging.”

Drinking coffee is a pleasure to a coffee enthusiast like Aston. Coffee is harmless and very personal, he said, “I tell people to change their mindset about how to enjoy coffee. Don’t expect that each cup of coffee will taste the same. Each type of coffee is different and every person has his or her way to drink it.”

A message to all coffee addicts out there: It’s always better to have something to eat before drinking coffee in the morning. Aston said it could be a piece of toast or a glass of milk.