Charmie Hamami

Art is one of the most essential things in life for Charmie Hamami. Serving as Deputy Chairman Southeast Asia – Regional Representative of Christie’s, Charmie travels extensively. It is an arduous undertaking on her part to balance her work and family commitments. “Once or twice a year, I would indulge on a trip to Europe with my children.”


As she travels a great deal, her me-time is when she is on a plane to her next destination. “It is when I get to relax and do my favourite past time, which is the crossword puzzle, whilst listening to my favourite music. Completing a puzzle is one way I can unwind,” she said.


Charmie values time as a gift that should never be wasted. “Every moment is an opportunity to do something meaningful and that is how I try to live my life.” Speaking of living her life, Charmie feels content as she does what she is passionate about at Christie’s, surrounded by everything that relates to art.


“I always enjoy the moment when I am engaged in my passion, for instance, visiting art galleries, looking at artwork or simply spending time with the children from my charities.”


Currently, Charmie is in the midst of acquiring consignments for the house’s next auction in November.


“It can be considered a project, as trying to secure consignments is a challenging feat which I am glad to take on.”