Christian Sugiono

Visionary is an apt description for Christian Sugiono. He has overseen MBDC Media – which refers to, an Indonesian humour media and video channel founded in 2011 – from my return to Indonesia from Germany to study IT.


Most people know me as an actor, but I can say now that my work in the digital world symbolises my real side,” said the husband of actress, Titi Kamal. what you love and let it kill you.” Christian really now the number has reached 45.


“I just knew that the business would be so promising. With zero experience, I worked hard to run the company, from attending meetings, working on the business plan and doing follow-ups.”Realising that time is the most valuable resource a Aluwi, he founded in 2013.


“I wanted to build something that’s useful for people. matches. We still have a long way to go, but I can proudly say that really works. About 110 registered couples got married because of this site.”


As for his own pleasure, Christian sets aside special alone time to write. “Writing has been my passion from a long time ago. I can express my feelings through it.” Recently, Christian wrote the script for a 10-episode web series entitled “Project Panda,” “You can watch it online soon.”