David & Fen Soong

“We’ve learned to prioritise our family by setting our holiday plans early”

Photography means the world to husband and wife David and Fen Soong. When they are not working, they love to travel to new places with their family, “We normally go photo hunting, capture moments, explore the place, get lost, and of course, try the local food,” said David. On long-haul flights, they have the habit of writing in their journal and reflecting on their life together.

When at home, the couple prefers to spend their free time reading books, “We have a pile of books waiting for us,” David added with a laugh. His wife, Fen, joined the conversation by saying, “I am a total introvert, which means I’m the opposite of David, so I’d rather spend my me time at home, creating something with different media. Right now, my current obsession is crafting hair pieces and painting.” Fen also added that doing oil painting takes her peace of mind to another level.

For David, being an entrepreneur gives him the privilege of being in control of his own time. The couple can plan on how much time off they’d like to have in a year, and schedule everything else accordingly, “We’ve learned to prioritise our family by setting our holiday plans early. And when our plans are set, we’re able to identify the time we won’t be available for work,” said David.