Deborah Iskandar

“And for me, the key to time is balance”

When you are in harmony, life feels lighter, calmer and happier. Deborah Iskandar sees the art and beauty in yoga more than most people. She regularly does yoga during her me time. “Yoga is my thing. I’ve even started adding bikram yoga to my lunch break. It’s called open eye meditation and I feel so much more clear-headed,” she said. Not only that, Deborah also lifts heavy weights or does cross-fit.

Deborah’s favourite part of the day is the morning. Her secret recipe is actually very simple. “I have my coffee with God, do exercise, have breakfast with my husband and then go off to work. That sets the tone for the day. My life is always good if I follow this pattern,” she explained.

Yoga helps Deborah to unite her body, mind and breathing. This encourages the mother of three to live life fully and fall in love with every moment even more. “I once heard when you are a child of five, one year is 20% of your life, so time moves very slowly. Then time goes by much quicker as you become older. It has become a very valuable commodity. And for me, the key to time is balance.”