Didit Hediprasetyo

“I prefer to stay focused on present”

Didit Hediprasetyo keeps a watchful, pensive eye out for creative inspiration. The fashion designer will be alone, wrapped up in his thoughts and soaking up the atmosphere on one of his many jaunts around the world.

He may be switched on to urban energy, perhaps during a subway ride in Manhattan, listening to his iPod and observing a motley group of fellow passengers, or in a cab racing along Hong Kong’s frantic streets.

There are quieter times, too, lost in the serene beauty of Balinese ricefields or sipping a coffee, a sketchbook his lone companion.

“My finest hour is when I’m not planning about the future, and not evaluating the past,” he says. “When I’m focusing on the present, like meditating.”

His couture responsibilities have taken him away from his love of sketching people.

“I’m going to start making time to do that again for myself, and it’s just the perfect quality time to get to know whomever I’m sketching, whether friends, clients or random inspiring people,” Didit says.