Erastus Radjimin

“The more time you spend, the better outcome you will achieve”

Spend 15 minutes in a conversation with Erastus Radjimin and you will know how much of a people person he is and how passionately he lives. He can smoothly lead the conversation from work stuff to basketball, his favourite sport. “It was the very first sport I ever encountered and I just loved it from day one. Other than helping me stay healthy, basketball is a team sport which allows me to spend time with my group of friends,” he explained. Erastus added that he also usually plays basketball with his son, and sometimes, with his office team.

From basketball, Erastus has learned to apply working together towards a common goal in his professional life. He believes that team work is what he needs in order to expand his main business. Together with his sister Christine Radjimin, he successfuly established the ARTOTEL Group which has become the pioneer in the art & lifestyle hotel concept in the country. “My top of the top priority in terms of work is preparing the ARTOTEL Group for international expansion.”

Asked about his views on time, Erastus has come up with a wise principle, “It is a currency of life where things will grow or die when you don’t invest in them wisely. The more time you spend, the better outcome you will achieve.”