Fachri Albar

Fachri Albar has been a perfectionist since he was a little boy. “I have a strong will in everything I do. It’s either perfect or nothing,” he said. With that kind of character, Fachri was not afraid to go up the ladder with hard work and successfully made it to the top to become one of the best male movie stars in the country. “I do what my heart tells me to do. that’s the spirit.”

An actor who doesn’t like watching movies is like a writer who never reads. Fachri agrees with this statement, and has taken it upon himself to never stop learning. “Speaking of motion pictures, I wouldn’t limit myself to just a speci c genre. I spend much of my time watching movies. But among all of them, “Black Swan” is forever one of my favourites. And oh, I read books too during my free time.

”Acting indeed makes Fachri feel alive. But when he’s home, his wife and children are his life. “I always fall in love with my family, especially my kids. They mean the world to me. I will do anything to make them happy and proud of me,” said the father of River Syech Albar (1) and Clover Satine Albar (4 mo).

His latest movie, “ The Professionals”, will be released soon. With so little time, Fachri still has so many things he wants to achieve. “Time is precious. Use it wisely unless you want to have regrets. Like what Buddha said ‘the trouble is, you think you have time’, while in fact, time fies.”