Gaby Bakrie

“Every second is a gift that counts”

Mother Earth has her own way of making human beings feel grateful for what life has given them. And for Gaby Bakrie, her moment of gratitude starts every morning when she opens her eyes. “I thank God for every living moment of my life. I try my best not to take it for granted. Every second is a gift that counts,” Gaby said.

Gaby is very much concerned about her health. She starts her morning with some activities at the gym. “I do exercise as a part of my daily routine. Staying fit is my main secret to having a productive day. So, I schedule my me time in the morning, go to the gym and do a combination of cardio, pilates or yoga.”

Energetic and compassionate, Gaby is a person who values time as a key to life. She uses her time to plan, to heal, to feel, to learn and to grow. “We cannot buy time for sure. What we decide to do with it determines whether it’s worthwhile or meaningless. So, be wise!” As for her free time, she said, “Whenever I have free time, I prefer to spend it at home or have my close friends come over to my house,” she said.